Marine Authorities

Australian Maritime Safety Authority ( AMSA )    
National Maritime Safety Council (NMSC)           
Australian Transport Safety Bureau                    
Maritime NSW                                                    
Marine Safety Victoria                                        
Maritime Safety Queensland                               
SA Dept for Transport                                         
WA Dept for Planning & Infrastructure                 
Marine and Safety Tasmania                               
NT Dept of Planning & Infrastructure                   

Pilotage Services

Australasian Marine Pilots Institute                  
Brisbane Marine Pilots                                     
Sydney Pilot Service                                         
Port Phillip Sea Pilots                                       
Fremantle Pilots                                              
Australian Reef Pilots                                       
Torres Pilots                                                    

Port Authorities  some links

Ports  Australia                                                
Sydney Ports Corporation                                 
Fremantle Ports                                                

Shipping offices in Australia -  some links to their websites

Australian Shipowners Association                              
Teekay Shipping                                                         

Container Terminal Facilities in Australia with links to their websites

DP World Ports                                                            

Other sites

Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA)
Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand  (MLAANZ )
The Australian Maritime College                                             
The Australian Maritime Environment Protection Association  
The Nautical Institute        SE Australia  (NSW)                         
Royal Australian Navy                                                             
Nautical Association of Australia                                            
Walker Wilson Associates                                                       
Mesothelioma Resource Online                                 
Pleural Mesothelioma 

Mesothelioma Group (U.S.A.)                                         




International Federation of Ship Masters Associations (IFSMA)
The Honourable Company of Master Mariners   
The Council of Master Mariners of U.S.A.          
Company of Master Mariners of Canada           
Company of Master Mariners of India
Company of Master Mariners of New Zealand    
Society of Master Mariners of South Africa
L'Association Francaise des Capitaines des Navires
International Maritime Orrganisation (IMO)        
Nautical Institute                                              
Warsash Association                                         
Marine Accident Investigation Branch (UK)          
Sailing Europe
NEPIA "Talkback"