Branch Court:

Branch Master: Capt. T.F. Van Bronswijk
Tel  02 9567 3019    0403 061 229 (M)                           

 Prime Warden: Capt S.F.G. Herklots
Tel 02 8542 2729    0431 834 581 (M)

Hon. Secretary Capt. J.G.J. Newman
Tel 0411 215 598

Hon. Editor Capt E.J. Wilson
Tel 02 9958 4879

Mariner Warden Capt F Pickering
Tel  02 9520 6976     0418 499 166(M)

Hon. Treasurer Capt R.M.F. Bertram
Tel 02 9327 6103      

Hon. Registrar Capt. R Whittington
Tel 02 4341 6721   0401 045 634 (M)

Seagoing Warden Capt. R Arsiwala
Tel  0419 269 346 (M)

Assistant Archivist   Capt D.A. O’Connor
Tel 02 9546 0025   0408 209 632  (M)

Hon. Chaplain Sister Mary Leahy
Tel  0418 724 713  (M)

Hon. Auditor Capt. M.H. Murray
Tel 02 9451 9074   0409 866 217 (M)

Sydney Branch Meetings

Monthly General Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month (except January) commencing at 1830hrs sharp. The venue is on the first floor of the Occidental Hotel, 43 York Street, Sydney. The Occidental Hotel is on the corner of York and Erskine Streets.

Please confirm your own & wife/partner's intentions to attend by contacting Capt Frank Pickering by email else mobile ‘phone 0418 499 166 or if urgent, home ‘phone 02 9520 6976.

Sydney Branch Members

N. Aiton   C.N. Alexander   P.J. Ansell   R. Arsiwalla
N.W. Baird C. Beazley  R.M.F. Bertram   J.D. Bilimoria   M. Blanco  J. Bosman   P.J. Bremner   D.C. Butcher
A. Chadha  S. Clinton  J.R. Crumlin
A.R. Dear  W.S. D’Souza
A.G. Ewing
D.L. Field   K.J. Fleming   W.M. Forster  A.J.W. Francombe   A.I. Frost  
J. Gates  P.R. Ginzler
J.R. Haines   A.N. Hamilton  P.R. Hay  P.R. Hay   S.F.G. Herklots   P.J. Hickey   B. Hissink  T.J. Hooper
R.J. Illingworth   
V. Jarvis
B. Keeble   I.F. Kerr    P.J.Klausen
P.C. Lambert  S. Liley   J.D. Lott
J.G. Maasakkers   R.G. MacArthur-King  I.M. MacLoed   R.F. MacManamon   E.S. Manhood   J.C. Mann  P.J. Martin  K.F. McIntosh   R.F. McMahon  P.F. Morris  R.G. Morris  L.A. Moscatelli   M.H. Murray  M.J. Murzello
J.G.J. Newman
D.A. O’Connor  C.H. Oppen  D.F. Orchard
S.M. Pansare   J.P. Phillips   F.L. Pickering   M.J.H. Plant  R.W. Pocock
T.I. Robertson   K.H. Ross  R.L. Rouse
C.Sharp  J.A. Smith  I.G. Steverson  C.R. Stirling
A.J.Tait   K.J. Trygg Mansson  
T.F. Van Bronswijk
P.B. Wallington-Beddoe   P. Walsh  C.R. Walton   J.W. Webster   R. Whittington    E.J. Wilson   D. Worthington   
M. Yatsenko