South Australian Branch

Branch Court 2015:

Branch Master: P.L. Phillips                       Tel: 0407 779 209   email    
Treasurer: Tony Wynne
Secretary: David Holmes                             email
Marine Warden: M F Hehir                            Tel 08 8396 1645  email
Seagoing Warden: Michael A J Carrington    Tel. 08 8242 4774  email
Editor: Ian Dickson                                        Tel. 08 8396 1030
Court Member: Robert Buchanan                 Tel. 08 8449 9813  email 
Past Branch Master R.H.J. Westley              Tel. 08 8364 6693  Email

PO Box 1,
Port Adelaide, SA, 5015

Monthly General Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month except December at the Largs Pier Hotel, Largs Bay commencing at 1145 hrs
Bookings to Ian Dickson on 08 8396 1030 or Robert Westley on 08 0536 4863 by 1200hrs on previous Monday

South Australia Branch Members

M. Ahmad
S. Barnes   R.E. Boettcher  D.V. Bourne-Jones   R. Buchanan
E.J.C. Carr  M.A.J. Carrington  G.A. Carter
I.D.M. Dickson
W.F. Ferrao   I.N. Fraser
N. Ganesan
K.J. Hales   P.R. Hammond   E.S Hansen   M.F. Hehir  H.D. Holmes
H.M. Jayasuriya   D.C.N. Jones
D.E. Kemp
A.J. Lees
A.M. Magliulo   C.D. Marshall   L.J. Morrow
E. Neal
J.O. Olsson
M.R. Parsons   R.D. Pearson   P.L. Phillips   A.H. Pronk
P.K. Rajagopalan
D.W. Sleath
R.H.J. Westley   A.C. Wynne