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Launch Date: 2.2.39 Date of completion: 3.39. Builder: Caledon SB & E Co., Dundee.

(Bundaleer- Aboriginal word for 'Stony place among the hills’)

Owner: Adelaide SS Co Ltd., Melbourne.

GRT: 4,238 DWT: 5,585 LOA: 115.3 LPP: 109.7. Beam: 15.3

Speed -11 knots.

1960 sold to China Pacific Nav Co Ltd., GBR Hong Kong, r/n FUCHING
1964 sold to Oriental Trader Nav Co SA, PAN Panama, r/n ORIENTAL TRADER
1966 sold to Panamanian Oriental SS Corp., PAN Panama, r/n DORINTHIA
1968 sold to Great Taipei Nav Co SA, PAN Panama, r/n ARENA
1969 BU Kaohsiung 30.9.69


Details: Mirimar Shipping Index Photo Credits: With thanks to Chris Howell New Zealand Photo Credits: The late Don Ross collection