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RMS Maloja built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast for Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company.

She and her sister ship RMS Mooltan were designed to be the largest ships capable of passing through the Suez Canal and were the first P&O vessels to exceed 20,000t.

20,837t GWT, 12,830t NWT, length 600ft 9ins, beam 73ft 5ins & depth 48ft 7ins.
Twin screw powered by 2 x 60 inch stroke quadruple expansion steam recip engines built by the yard fed by 6 double & 2 single ended boilers at 215PSI giving 16,000IHP & 16kts. After the war LP exhaust turbines were also fitted.

327 1st class & 329 2nd class passengers with 422 crew.

Launched 19th April 1923. 25th October 1923 handed over. 24th January 1924 start of Maiden vovage London-Colombo-Melbourne-Sydney.
1930 reengined with Bauer Wach exhaust gear turbines to give 17kts.

October 1939 converted at Bombay to armed merchant cruiser.

On 6th November 1941 Maloja was returned to P&O and was converted to troopship duty. A shorter version of the funnel was re-installed.1941 became the largest troopship to enter Bone, N.Africa.

On 15th January 1947 Maloja was returned to P&O and was berthed at the Royal Albert Dock in London for full civilian reconditioning, by R & H Green & Silley Weir..

10th June 1948 resumed Australian service now just 1,030 tourist class only.

After the independence of the Republic of Indonesia in 1948 Dutch civilians were repatriated to the Netherlands. In August 1950 Maloja helped with the repatriations, which were completed by 1951.

2nd April 1954 sold to British Iron & Steel Corp & broken up at Inverkeithing, Scotland