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NARRABEEN   Australian    Built 1921

239 gross tons,   98 net.   Lbd: 110' x 26'8" x 9'2".

Wooden auxiliary ketch-rigged steamship,     registered Sydney 1921 for use on Sydney Harbour.

Came to Phillip Island & Westernport in and from 1928-32.

Owned and registered Melbourne February 1933 by William Holyman & Sons Pty Ltd., and renamed Merilyn. Engaged in the Bass Strait Islands trade until sold to Adelaide interests in May 1948, when converted from a steamer.

Sailed from Altona Victoria for Hobart, in fog, ran into rocks at the north-eastern end of Goose Island, Furneaux Group, Bass Strait 24th November 1958. Crew of seven landed safely on Goose Island.

The cargo included 18 tons of explosives (gelignite), and as it was considered too dangerous to even attempt to salvage the vessel, she was blown up on 4 December 1958

Source : The Shiplist.   Photo Credits: The late Don Ross collection