The stranding of a 76,000 tonne bulk carrier, the Pasha Bulker at Nobbys Beach during a superstorm is possibly one of the most unlikely (but memorable) things to have taken place in Newcastle. But did you know?

* Within four hours of the ship running aground 22 Filipino and Korean crew members were winched to safety in a perilous operation coordinated by the region's  Westpac Rescue Helicopter service.

* It took three attempts to salvage the ship from Nobbys Beach where it remained for 25 days before being re-floated. A further four weeks and millions of dollars later, the bulk carrier finally left Newcastle Harbour to a rousing send off (it was towed to Japan for major repairs).

* The Japanese owners of the Pasha Bulker paid for the $1.8 million cost of the salvage operation

* Nearly ten years after running aground the Pasha Bulker returned to Newcastle as the MV Drake and its entrance into the harbour was uneventful

* Part of the Pasha Bulker's rudder which broke off during the salvage operation is now a beachside sculpture. The giant 19 tonne rudder snapped off on a rock reef and was later recovered from the sea bed. Appropriately titled Grounded, the bright red sculpture by renowned Sydney-based artist John Petrie represents the ship’s bow (it’s a great spot to photograph Nobbys Beach and Nobbys Lighthouse). It was the only thing left behind from the Pasha Bulker and serves as a permanent reminder of the power of the ocean.

This incredible image is not photoshopped and was taken by local photographer, @mckeanphoto