ATHENA " was built as the Stockholm, for Swedish-America Line in 1948.

In 1956, on her way to New York, she collided and sank the Italia Line flagship, ANDREA DORIA. In 1960 she was renamed, VOLKERFREUNDSCHAFT. In 1985 was sold again and renamed, VOLKER. In 1986 became the FRIDTJHOF NANSEN. In 1989 was acquired by Star Lauro who intended to rename her SURRENTO. Renamed ITALIA 1, and then became ITALIA PRIMA, and as Valtur Prima. In 2003 was chartered by Festival Cruises and renamed Caribe. In 2004 was renamed ATHENA by Classic International Cruises.

Above the classic liner is seen arriving early morning on the 18-11-2011, at Valletta Cruise Port.

Photo : Gejtu Spiteri ©