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The INSIGNIA is embarking on Oceania Cruises’ 2024 Around the World Cruise today.

Sailing from San Francisco, the ship is set to offer a 180-day itinerary that circumnavigates the globe. Upon sailing from California, the Insignia sets course to the Hawaiian Islands, French Polynesia and the Samoan Islands before arriving in New Zealand and Down Under. The itinerary then includes different ports of call in Asia, such as Bali, Tokyo, Kyoto and Yangon. Continuing on its way to the Suez Canal and Europe, the Insignia visits India, the Arabian Peninsula and the Red Sea.The worldwide cruise journey continues with ports of call in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, Northern Europe, the Atlantic and the Eastern Seaboard. Rounding up the six-month global voyage, the INSIGNIA is set to arrive in New York City on July 12, 2024.

According to Oceania, the complete itinerary features 100 UNESCO World Heritage sites across 96 destinations, with 24 overnight visits.Among the destinations receiving the ship for extended stays are Auckland, Shanghai, Singapore, Phuket, Mumbai, Dubai, Barcelona, Seville, Bordeaux, and Reykjavik.

With prices starting at $48,499 per person, the 2024 Around the World Cruise sold out in just 30 minutes, leading Oceania Cruises to a new single-day booking record in March 2022.

According to the company, while world cruises typically attract a high amount of repeat guests, the 2024 voyage saw almost half of all bookings come from first-time, new-to-brand guests. Another 42 percent of the guests that sailed on the 2022 Around the World voyage rebooked for the 2024 voyage, Oceania Cruises said. Additionally, 18 percent of the 2024 World Cruise guests opted to extend their voyages, to a total of 196 days onboard.

Originally built for Renaissance Cruises, the Insignia first entered service in 1999 and has capacity for 684 guests at double occupancy.