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Raytheon Anschütz is now launching the electronic logbook for ships. Called eLog, it provides secure, high-quality logbook data and is a significant step to- ward paperless shipping and improved efficiency of onboard processes

Featuring automatic data entry from navigation systems such as the automatic identification system (AIS) or the integrated navigation system (INS), at defined intervals, eLog also enables data input by crews via laptop or mobile devices, including approval workflows

“Incomplete, incorrect or illegible log- books are a thing of the past,” said Björn Schröder, product manager at Raytheon Anschütz. “We’ve innovated eLog to offer transparent and reliable documentation, based on the actual sensor data and plausibility checks.”

Consisting of a small gateway computer, which just needs a connection to AIS or INS to enable the automatic data entries, and a web browser application for manu- al data inputs and data access, eLog uses blockchain technology to ensure secure, tamperproof digital archiving of data.

It offers comprehensive and intuitive search and filter functions in order to simplify data analysis, reporting or data ex- port with manual data inputs by the crew supported by templates.

Another advantage is that the eLog has a data interface to the cloud. “Taking tradi- tional logbook data and making it digital- ly usable is often difficult and inefficient or even impossible,” Schröder said. “With the eLog, customers can access the data in real time through a generic, modern web interface from anywhere in the world. And it’s secure, because they can’t alter data.”

Supporting all traditional logbook entries, eLog is recognised as a full equivalent to a traditional logbook by several international leading flag states, including Germany.

In this first version, the eLog covers the deck logbook, the bell book and the noon report. Future extensions of the scope and use with further reports are already in planning.

“The eLog eliminates the cost and effort of paper logbook logistics, and it is a re- lief for the crew in stressful situations,” Schröder said. “It comes at low initial cost for setup and is then available under an annual subscription service. And it is man- ufacturer-independent, so that every cus- tomer can actually benefit.”

The eLog is type-approved under the ISO standard 21745:2019 ‘electronic record books for ships. •

Source: Raytheon Anschutz