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The deployment of MV Chefoo further strengthens the company’s long-term commitment to the Asia-Pacific region

Swire Shipping recently introduced its second 2400TEU vessel, MV Chefoo, into its fleet. The vessel will be deployed on Swire Shipping’s South East Asia (SEA) service, which connects South East Asia to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. The SEA service is part of Swire Shipping’s comprehensive network that is focused on connecting global supply chains to the communities of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. 

The addition of MV Chefoo into the fleet will enable Swire Shipping to continue providing industry-leading products in the markets it serves.

The 2400TEU vessels were designed with the needs of Swire Shipping’s customers and its key markets in mind. The high cargo capacity and cargo carrying flexibility of these fuel-efficient, geared vessels will combine with Swire Shipping’s market-leading service offering to improve the overall customer experience and save our customers’ time.

“Our purpose as a company is to enrich lives by connecting our customers with the communities in the Pacific. We recognise that our key markets rely on shipping services to open vital supply chains and enable growth. Our continued investments in our business and the deployment of MV Chefoo further strengthens our commitment to facilitating growth and trade in the Pacific region,” said Mr Jeremy Sutton, General Manager, Swire Shipping. “Communities in the Pacific rely heavily on seaborne trade to supply essential goods such as food, fuel, equipment, industrial materials and manufactured products, and to export commodities vital to global growth. Despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to look to the future as we phase in our newbuild vessels, improve our network coverage and launch new digital products,” added Mr Sutton. 

MV Chefoo can carry up to 2400TEU. Equipped with three 45T cranes, 75T SWL stoppers, lashing eyes and strengthened tank tops to 20T, the vessel is well-suited to handle both containerised and non-containerised cargo. 

MV Chefoo is the second of four C-Class vessels built by CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. Its sister vessel, MV Changsha, entered service in March 2020 and is also deployed on Swire Shipping’s South East Asia to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands service. 

The modern-eco, 30,400DWT/2400TEU newbuild vessels were designed with the needs of our customers and markets in mind. The vessels were built at CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Co. Ltd with key features and benefits including: 
• High capacity (1,860TEU @ 14t) at dimensions of 186m (LOA), 32.2m (Breadth) and 10.5m (Draft) to offer customers the lowest slot costs in our key Pacific import markets. • 3 x 45mt uprated cranes with the ability to complete 90t tandem lifts, providing flexibility for all customer cargo requirements. 
• Non-containerised cargo capability, with 75t SWL stoppers, lashing eyes and tank top strengthening to 20t/m2 in holds 3 & 4. 
• Pontoon, weather tight hatch covers reinforced to uniform load of 5t/m2 to enable heavy loads on deck. 
• Innovative hull form design providing greater fuel efficiency with best-in-class fuel consumptions.

Source: swire shipping