Oceania Marine Energy

Pilbara Clean Fuels (PCF) has teamed up with Oceania Marine Energy on the provision of low-carbon footprint LNG production and marine bunkering capability at Port Hedland, Western Australia.

PCF is pursuing the development of an electrified liquefied natural gas (eLNG) plant in Port Hedland, world’s largest iron ore export port, principally for the production of marine bunker fuel.

The project aims to provide an Australian LNG fuel supply capability through a new facility for the conversion of pipeline natural gas to LNG, responding to market demand for cleaner marine bunker fuel for iron ore carriers operating ‘round-trip’ voyages out of Port Hedland.

Market studies show increasing worldwide adoption of LNG as a marine fuel, with supply availability one of the key drivers. The ‘base case’ plant capacity is 0.5Mtpa, with market analysis for Port Hedland indicating potential demand of 1.0 Mtpa by 2030. 

Source: offshore-energy.biz