The following was received from our colleague at AMPI regarding the mentoring program.
CMMA Australia is a member of IFSMA.
The Australian Maritime Mentoring Program is an exciting new joint initiative between the Australasian Marine Pilots Institute, the Nautical Institute and the Company of Master Mariners of Australia.
The program has been developed to bridge the gap between new entrants to the maritime industry and the senior maritime professionals who are already established in their careers. It can be difficult for someone new to the industry to understand the numerous pathways for career development, for instance how does one become a Harbour Pilot, a VTS Operator, a Maritime Claims Investigator or a Shipping Company Operations Manager? These are questions that an experienced maritime professional can easily answer. A significant number of Maritime events are held throughout Australia every year and it would be great to see mentors bringing their mentees to these events and helping them to network whilst supporting them in that next step towards achieving greatness. We can grow our industry by preparing the next generation of leaders.  
WEBSITE: AMPI - Mentoring
Capt. Stuart Davey
Federal Secretary
Company of Master Mariners (CMMA)

From: Richard Rouse <> 
Sent: Friday, 23 July 2021 6:26 AM
To: <> <>; Jeanine Drummond <>; Capt. Stuart Davey <>; AMPI President <>
Subject: Mentoring Program
Good morning everyone, 
Just a quick update; we have 12 mentees and 22 mentors who have registered for the program. We need to look at how to reach more mentees, if you have any thoughts please let me know. 
Another non-profit organisation, OSSA, are keen to join and become involved. They are running a school careers program and are heavily involved in encouraging companies to sponsor cadets, whilst they also have a large number of retired members who are keen and motivated to dedicate their time.
We also need to start the process of pairing the first round of mentees and mentors over the next few weeks and I wondered whether anyone from the NI and HCMM would be keen to get involved in that? 
This is a great start so far and hopefully we can keep the momentum and build the program into something to be proud of. 
Best regards,