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I am pleased to advise that OSSA will introduce their schools program in 2021, details in the attached introductory letter.

We know you are a supporter of careers and training for the Maritime Industry which we hope you will find of interest and be able to support us going forward.  


Ross Brewer

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Introducing School Children to the Maritime Industry

Along with the rest of the world Australia is looking forward to breaking out of the clutches of the Covid19 pandemic and the personal and economic consequences it has brought upon us. From Australia’s viewpoint the pandemic has also shown just how much we rely of the transit of good by ships and how valuable the maritime industry is to our well being. 

OSSA seeks your support for the following initiative.

A key objective for OSSA is to promote to youth the extensive range of employment and career opportunities within the Maritime industry. Looming skills shortages as outlined last year in the Seafaring Skills Census, indicated that vital career information on Seafarer Training options for the Australian Maritime Industry needs to be developed and promoted amongst secondary school students to capture their interest as potential future employees. Developing the next generation of Seafarers through career modules and training opportunities is the key to the success of the industry.

The Australian Centre for Career Education supports clients and those most disadvantaged within the broader community to access career education, quality career development services and products. OSSA will engage the services of the ACCE to develop an online learning industry module for secondary school students showcasing careers in the maritime industry. The cost for OSSA to achieve this objective is estimated to be around $15,000 including the initial project set up cost.

Please follow this link ( to view the program format that will be provided to the schools. OSSA members will be participating in all on-line school presentations to answer questions and expand on the program.

To achieve this aim, OSSA are planning fundraising events in Melbourne and Sydney.  Details of the events are still being finalised, but the intention is to conduct a series of activities on the night which will include dinner and entertainment, a book launch, a silent auction of articles or services donated and a variety of other activities giving guests the opportunity to win prizes. 

We are also seeking donations from organisations involved in the maritime and associated industries to help fund this initiative. 

It is against this background that I seek your support to become a sponsor.  We are proposing three types of sponsors Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze Sponsors are organisations that donate up to $1,000, Silver Sponsors are organisation who donate between $1000 and $5000 and Gold Sponsors organisations that donate over $5000.  

The benefits that you receive as a sponsor are:

Your Organisation:

  • Will be promoted as a major sponsor at OSSA events and, as a consequence, will be widely seen to be supporting our drive to promote careers at sea.
  • Will be featured as our Sponsor in our quarterly Newsletter. 
  • Will be featured on the OSSA web and social media sites. 
  • Will receive two free entry tickets to our fundraising events.
  • Will also be highlighted on pre-event advertising
  • Could include your own signage at OSSA events. 

If you do not wish to become a sponsor, but still support this worthy project, any contribution will be gratefully received. Attached are details on how to donate.

I, or any member of our team will be happy to contact you should you require to discuss this project and to supply further information.

Finally I am very pleased to advise that OSSA has received DGR certification from the Australian Tax Office meaning that donations are deemed tax deductible.

We hope you will give your support to this project.

Yours Sincerely 

Ross Brewer


1st December 2020

How to donate: