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Comments due by 3 January 2020. Please let me know if you don’t want to receive these consultation emails and we will exclude you in the next one.
You are receiving this email because AMSA has identified you a stakeholder for consultation in developing Australian delegation brief for the 7th session of IMO Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction (SDC 7) scheduled to be held from 03 - 07 February 2020 at IMO’s London headquarters.
SDC 7 will consider the report of the correspondence group established at SDC 6 to develop guidelines for safety of fishing vessels 24 m length and over and pleasure yachts 300 gt and higher not engaged in trade. AMSA participated in the correspondence group on behalf of Australia and made significant contributions taking position in consultation with all stakeholders. SDC 7 will consider the report of the correspondence group with a view to finalisation.
New Zealand has been pushing for mandatory safety standards for non-SOLAS vessels operating in polar waters. They submitted several papers to the IMO Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction (SDC) and the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) over last 2-3 years to establish a case for extending application of the Polar Code to non-SOLAS vessels. We, in accordance with the whole of government position, have been supportive of New Zealand’s initiative, in principle, for strong safety measures for non-SOLAS vessels operating in polar waters. The Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) of IMO is considering any mandatory requirements for non-SOLAS vessels operating in polar waters.
However, MSC 99 instructed the SDC Sub-Committee to develop recommendatory guidelines for fishing vessels 24 metres and more in length and pleasure yachts 300 gross tonnage and above not engaged in trade. Accordingly New Zealand and Canada submitted documents to SDC 6 providing draft guidelines for both category of non-SOLAS vessels for consideration. The Sub-Committee established a correspondence group during SDC 6 with New Zealand as the co-ordinator and instructed the group to develop the guidelines reporting to SDC 7.
SDC 7/4 – Report of the correspondence group (New Zealand)
This document provides the report of the correspondence group developing draft guidelines for fishing vessels of 24 m in length and pleasure yachts of 300 gross tonnage and above not engaged in trade operating in polar waters
It is a detailed report on the outcome of the correspondence group highlighting the issues that were not agreed by the group indicating further consideration at SDC 7. Both draft guidelines developed so far are annexed to the document. Action requested of the Sub-Committee are listed in paragraph 51. The group requested the Sub-Committee to establish a working group during SDC 7 to complete the work and a proposed terms of reference is provided in paragraph 50.

You are invited to make comments on all unresolved issues as indicated by square brackets in the draft guidelines. Please not some application issues mentioned in paragraphs 24 – 26. Some draft definitions remain unresolved as described in paragraph 31. Any comment on any area of the draft guidelines are welcome.
If established Australia is expected to participate in the working group. Your comments will help us taking a position at SDC 6 that will be protective of Australia’s interest in the matter.
As more papers are submitted and published by IMO, we will continue to circulate those progressively for your comments and i=valuable inouts.
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