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Comments due by 3 January 2020. Please let me know if you don’t want to receive these consultation emails and we will exclude you in the next one.
You are receiving this email because AMSA has identified you a stakeholder for consultation in developing Australian delegation brief for the 7th session of IMO Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction (SDC 7) scheduled to be held from 03 - 07 February 2020 at IMO’s London headquarters. SDC 7 will consider the report of the correspondence group established at SDC 6 to progress the development of mandatory instruments for safety of vessels carrying more than 12 industrial personnel on international voyages. AMSA has significant interest in the work and has been actively engaged in this work.
On instruction from the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) of IMO, SDC commenced work on developing a new SOLAS chapter XV and a mandatory code providing safety standards for vessels carrying more than 12 IP on international voyages. As a coastal State, Australia experiences a large number of foreign vessels carrying hundreds of so called IP to Australian offshore energy sector whose flag States do not implement the 2008 Special Purpose Ships (SPS) Code. This makes it very difficult to regulate them to ensure safety of the personnel who are more like passengers. Australia submitted documents to MSC 95 and SDC 3 on the matter. MSC 95 agreed on a mandatory solution consistent with Australia’s position. We understand Australia’s industry supports mandatory measures and are keen to be involved in the development of a new mandatory code. So we participated in all working and intersessional correspondence groups since SDC 4, developing the new SOLAS chapter XV and the associated IP Code where we made important contributions.
I am circulating the report of the correspondence group submitted to SDC 7 under this agenda item for your perusal and comments. Attached also is the part 2 of the report of the working group from SDC 6 submitted to SDC 7. As more documents (if submitted) are published by IMO, I will continue to circulate them progressively for your comments and inputs to the Australian delegation brief. AMSA will lead the Australian delegation at SDC 7 and will participate in a working group expected to be established during the meeting to progress the work. Outcome of this work will affect relevant stakeholders in the industry especially those who may be involved in construction and operation of vessels transporting industrial personnel to offshore energy sector. So your inputs will be valuable for us to take position at SDC 7 that will serve Australia’s interest best.
SDC 7/6 - Report of the Working Group at SDC 6, part 2 (Chair of the group)
This document provides part 2 of the report of the working group that was established during SDC 6 to progress the work. Due to time constraints, this could not be submitted to SDC 6. In the annex, the document provides the draft IP Code as developed at that stage.

SDC 7/6/1 – Report of the correspondence group (Norway)
This document reports on the outcome of the work carried out by the correspondence group that includes the draft IP Code (in the Annex) so far developed by the group which will be further considered and developed at SDC 7. Actions requested of the Sub-Committee are listed under paragraph 22 and you are invited to comment on the relevant sub-paragraphs. However, you are also welcome to comment on anything you would like to on the report and on the draft IP Code that will assist us in taking position at SDC 7 in progressing the work.
Australia submitted a paper to MSC 101 proposing to include, in the draft new SOLAS chapter XV, provisions that will allow carriage of special personnel (SP) on ships certified under the IP Code. The aggregated number of IP, SP and passengers (max 12) should be used as thresholds for application of requirements as total personnel on board. Norway submitted a similar paper. The Committee agreed to send both papers to SDC 7 for consideration and development of provisions for draft SOLAS chapter XV as appropriate. Our position on training of SP for carriage on IP ships will be consistent with what will be required for the IP and at the discretion of the Administration. The working group at SDC 7 will deliberate on this (see paragraph 5 of SDC 7/6/1). Referring to sub-paragraph 22.2, we are of the view to refer regulation III/1 to HTW Sub-Committee.
Also attached are documents MSC 101/12/1 and MSC 101/12/6 submitted to MSC 101 (held in June this year) on the subject by Norway and Australia respectively for your reference.
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