After almost two years of preparation, BHP’s Green Corridor joint industry project has taken off with the mining giant issuing a tender for 10+2+2 dual fuelled LNG newcastlemaxes with selected owners.

The project is for transportation of iron ore and coal on the Australia-China route. BHP’s aim is to get up to 27m tonnes, accounting for roughly 10%, of its iron ore moved on these greener newbuilds.

“We recognise we have a stewardship role, working with our customers, suppliers and others to influence emissions reductions across the full life cycle of our products,” Rashpal Bhatti, BHP’s vice president for maritime and supply chain excellence, commented on Friday.

Brokers anticipate Chinese yards to win the orders while as well as traditional shipowners such as U-Ming and Eastern Pacific, a number of leading Chinese leasing companies will also compete in the tender.