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Remotely operated underwater vehicles will be used to confirm locations and assess the condition of shipping containers lost from the YM Efficiency in June in a bid to determine whether they are recoverable.

Concerned with the lack of progress ship owner Yang Ming and its insurers, Aus Ship, has had in locating the remaining containers that went overboard the cargo ship, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority has employed its own contractor, Brisbane-based salvaging company Subsea, to carry out the underwater search.

“This operation will not be without cost, which AMSA has advised Yang Ming and their insurers that we will be seeking to recover,” AMSA chief Mick Kinley said.

A total of 81 containers were lost from the YM Efficiency in rough weather in the early hours of June 1.

An initial sub-sea search carried out in July located 37 “probable containers”.

Source: portstephensexaminer.com.au