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This is the first of six shipments over the next eight months on the basis of a door to door contract by Accord Logistics from RPC’s yard at Lonsdale 30km south of Port Adelaide to the laydown site 25km from Townsville Port.

Supervision of the shipping operation from pre-receival Port Adelaide to ex hook Townsville is by Southern Cross Maritime Services
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 The Haughton Pipeline Duplication Project (HPDP) involves the duplication of a fully functioning and sustainable 36.5km pipeline from the Haughton Pump Station to the Ross River Dam.

A backup to the Ross River Dam, the HPDP will provide a bulk raw water supply link to the Burdekin Haughton Water Supply Scheme. The pipeline is capable of pumping raw water into the Ross River Dam to augment or “top up” water levels during periods of very low rainfall.

Source:    Captain Chris Mackey, Southern Cross Maritime Services