Good Afternoon All,

I have received the 3rd round documents from the Correspondence Group (CG) coordinator for comments and circulating the same. The content of the CG Coordinator’s email below explains progress to date and the future intentions of the CG. The CG Coordinator’s detailed summary of the second round are in documents “Summary and comments round 3 coordinator.docx” and “Round 3-Summary Comments received.docx”.

The “Round 3-matrix.docx” document copies the draft new SOLAS chapter XV into a table along with the CG Coordinator’s queries and requests; its blank ‘comments’ and ‘proposals’ columns are there for your responses.

The fourth document, “Round 3 – Draft amendments SOLAS as per 10.07.2017docs” is the draft new SOLAS chapter XV for easy reading, but comments should be typed in the matrix document table. However, you are welcome to track change any comments in the draft new SOLAS chapter document. Please take the liberty to do whatever you find more convenient as I will consolidate all comments I receive before sending them to the CG Coordinator on behalf of Australia.

If you are an organization representing members as a peak body, your assistance is requested to further circulate this information.

If you need any related IMO document, please do not hesitate to ask me and I will send those to you in pdf format.

Any comment should reach me by c.o.b. Friday 11 August 2017.

Looking forward to receiving your valuable inputs.

Kind regards,

Guy Anderson

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From: Turid B. Stemre [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, 11 July 2017 12:09 AM
Subject: Round 3 . SDC CG IP

Dear all,

Attached please find Summary and comments round 3 – coordinator, Round 3 summary comments received round 2 – Matrix, Draft amendments SOLAS as of 10.07.2017 and Round 3 – Matrix.

You will find that, based partly on your comments, in particular your consensus to apply the multiple certificate path but also other comments and proposals, and partly of my examination of what we did with the Polar Code, I have taken out a number of paragraphs with the aim of addressing them in the IP Code itself.

My apologise for messing things up in round 2.

I believe the draft SOLAS amendments is tidier now, and still sufficient for what we aim to do.

If you want anything reinstated, please let me know.

Even if a lot of paragraphs have been removed your comments and support for their content have not disappeared.

They will be taken into account in the development of the IP Code.

I will try to come up with a skeleton for the code in round 4.

I believe the deadline for our report will be 20 October 2017.

This does not give us much time, but I will try to have two more rounds.

Unfortunately it is currently summer holydays at least in Europe, but hopefully we manage a few more rounds as follows

What Who Deadline
Round 3 Coordinator 10 July
Round 3 comments Members 18 August
Round 4 Coordinator 25 August
Round 4 Comments members 15 September
Round 5 draft report + annex Coordinator 22 September
Round 5 Comments members 11 October
Report submission Coordinator 20 October

Hopefully it will not be too many controversial issues in the report and hopefully you are available between 11 and 20 October if I have any questions.

In any case nothing we submit is carved in stone. We will have to revisit the SOLAS amendments when the IP Code is developed.

Finally, related to the matrix developed by IACS, I believe one or two of you had comments in the first round, but I did not manage to spot them I the matrix you submittet.

Could you please resubmit and clearly mark the changes?

It will be one of the annexes to our report.

Best regards


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