Containership owners and managers are forever seeking sleeker and more streamlined ways to load, stack and carry their boxes as vessel sizes continue to expand and economies of scale to match them accordingly.

A major research project by Lloyd’s Register has discovered a unique way to improve the way containers are handled and carried.  It means that in future, ultra-large container ships (ULCS) using the new method could potentially load up to 19% more cargo weight.

So what will be the impact of this breakthrough technology on global ports, trade routes, suppliers and differing ship sizes and how will it affect the stowage, lashings and motions  of ships coping with storms and extreme weather in mid-ocean.

Then what should owners and managers do, when will the new Rules apply and should I go ahead and order ships with these new Rules in mind? We answer these and many other key questions  about this unique breakthrough in the new January issue of Lloyd’s Register’s Horizons marine magazine.

Read more about this, and other marine news stories, in the January 2013 issue of Horizons.

Source: Lloyd's Register