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This large long awaited book published by the Nautical Association of Australia has finally arrived and we are pleased that our members will be the first to see it and have the chance to purchase a copy at the March AGM meeting. The book is hard cover, A4 size, 360 pages with index and lavishly illustrated with 350 photographs, largely colour.Chapters detail all the classes and vessels many of us will know of and remember which ANL operated. They range from Bass Strait passenger ferries to general cargo vessels, bulk carriers, RoRo vessels, a lone tanker and container ships, operating both on the coast and overseas, some 110 ships in all. Details of Government vessels operated in the lead up to the formation of ANL are also included together with chapters covering the origins of ANL, the commercial era to 1968 and the international era from 1969. The period covered represents a revolution in commercial shipping from mid 20th century cargo designs through to modern specialist bulk and container ships now dominating international shipping.


Printed locally this limited edition of 500 copies is $75.00. Payment can be made (preferably) by EFT (with your name, to NAA bank BSB 633 000, Acct 1480 31065 ) or by cheque or Master or Visa card


Together with purchase of the ANL book, there are two special offers. Firstly to also obtain the Association’s quarterly magazine The Log for one year together with the ANL book for $99.00 (normal Log subscription $42.00). Secondly to purchase copies of two earlier books published by the Association, A Lucky Ship: The Nine Lives of the Australian Coaster Tambar, 1912-1960 and In Coral Seas, The History of the New Guinea Australia Line at $6.00 per copy



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Source: The Nautical Association of Australia