Pilbara Ports Authority has awarded a contract to Australian Maritime Systems Pty Ltd to design and install a Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) system in a new state-of-the-art shipping control tower in Port Hedland.

The VTS system is a critical component of the new Integrated Marine Operations Centre (IMOC), which would help manage the safe and efficient movement of approximately 6,000 vessel movements through the port each year.

“The fit-for-purpose VTS system integrates radar, radio, CCTV and scheduling information to oversee the increasing number of vessels through the port,” said CEO Roger Johnston.

Australian Maritime Systems Pty Ltd is a global specialist in marine navigation and one of the country’s leading provider of VTS systems.

The $70.7 million IMOC project is being delivered by the Pilbara Ports Authority to support the long-term sustainability and safe development of the Port of Port Hedland, the world’s largest bulk export port.

Installation and commissioning of the new VTS system is expected to commence once the construction of the IMOC is complete in late 2018.

Source: Pilbara Ports