This Sunday, January 18th, two cargo ships, Danish Maersk Etienne and Panama Coral Opal, collided when performing a dangerous manoeuvre in Irbe Strait near Miķeļbāka.

Both cargo ships sustained considerable damage in the collision, including Coral Opal’s ballast tank, which suffered a leak. People were not injured in this accident, as reported by Coastal Guard’s Marine Search and Rescue Coordination Centre.

KA-14 was immediately dispatched to the scene as soon as the first reports were received. A full visual assessment was then performed. In addition, Latvian authorities organized to have a support helicopter be sent from a nearby Air Force Base in order to make photos of the accident and check for any signs of oil leaks into the sea.

No oil leaks were found.

Coral Opal is set to dock in Ventspils Freeport. Maersk Etienne, on the other hand, has been sent to Riga Freeport.

Authorities have gathered necessary materials to start an investigation.

Source: Baltic News Network          Photo: Lativigas/Flickr