SeaTech Solutions International (S) Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that it will be performing the
basic design for the World’s First Seabed MiningVessel for Marine Assets Corporation (MAC) and Nautilus Minerals Inc. for use at the Solwara 1 Project.

Nautilus Minerals, a Toronto based company is the leader in the industry to open the first seabed mine. Nautilus plans to mine copper and gold from the Solwara 1 project with a chartered vessel from MAC to act as the floating base for its operations in the territorial waters of Papua New Guinea.MAC, a Dubai based marine solutions company which specialises in the delivery of newbuild support vessels for the offshore industry, will own and provide the marine management of the vessel.

The vessel will be chartered to Nautilus for a minimum period of five years with options to either extend the charter or purchase the vessel at the end of the five year period.Under the terms of the arrangement, MAC will enter into a contract with Fujian MaweiShipbuilding Ltd., based in Fujian province in south-eastern China, to construct the vessel.SeaTech Solutions, a Singapore based marine designs specialist is selected to perform the basic design for the vessel.

The 227 metres by 40 metres vessel is a 30MW diesel- electric driven, completely outfitted and equipped Offshore Construction Vessel (OCV) for worldwide use. It will be Tier III compliant and able to work in and transport through ECA areas. The vessel will be an ABS DPS – 2 EHS – F dynamically positioned vessel. The vessel will be fitted out with two main cranes – 200T AHC subsea crane and 100T ship-to-ship crane.

The vessel will be equipped for seafloor resource production, onboard ore storage and other related duties. In this capacity, the vessel will be stationed over the allocated area and support Seafloor Production Equipment (SPE), such as specialised seafloor production tools (SPT’s): riser and lifting system (RALS) comprising a subsea pump, riser system and associated handling systems.

The vessel will have ore storage holds arranged amidships and will be equipped with a completely enclosed cargo handling system which will transfer the ore directly to any holdand from the holds to incoming handy size bulk carriers for export.Meeting American Bureau of Shipping’s (ABS) Comfort Class notation, the vessel is able toaccommodate 180 people. The bridge deck of the vessel will be arranged to suit the ABS class notation of offshore vessels and suitable for unrestricted operation.