The 112 meter long, 8733 dwt freighter Bingo was reported lost off the coast of Sagar, India.   The Bingo had departed on October 11 from Haldia with  8,000 tons of iron ore bound for China. The freighter attempted to sail in rough seas resulting from Cyclone Phailin. Reports state the Bingo probably sank when it attempted to turn back towards shelter at Sagar Island. 

The crew was able to send out a distress call  that the vessel had its cargo shift in the rough seas and the Bingo was listed 45 degrees to starboard. The crew was spotted on a liferaft but the raft drifted out of sight. The Indian Coast Guard  tried to determine if they had washed ashore or rescued by another vessel.  A search and rescue operation has found no trace of the vessel, but found the crew on the liferaft some 25 kilometers off Sagar Island.