The Stad Ship Tunnel is a proposed ship tunnel that would bypass the Stad Peninsula in Selje, Norway – one of the most exposed and dangerous areas for ships along the coast of Norway.
The western coast of Norway is dangerous for ship traffic and the proposed ship tunnel aims at making the journey much safer and quicker.
According to the reports, the Norwegian Government has backed the plan for construction the Stad Ship tunnel. Once made, the one-of-its-kind channel will be the First Ship Tunnel in the World.
According to the Norwegian Government, the ship tunnel would reduce accident risks and improve the condition of sailors sailing in the region. The ambitious proposed ship tunnel would be 49 m high, 36 meter wide, and 1700 m in length.
It is expected that the project will cost approximately 1.7 billion NKR and may start by 2018 if everything falls into place.
The 12 meters deep tunnel when made will boost safety of ships by reducing the effects of weather and would run through solid rock.

        References & Image Credits: ngi, theconstructionindex

                                                                         Source:   Marine Insight