Membership Information

Two types of membership are available to new applicants.
These are :-

Ordinary Membership
A person may be admitted as an Ordinary member if he or she:

  • holds a Master Class 1 Certificate of Competency ;
  • holds an overseas equivalent recognised by AMSA ;
  • holds a Master Class 2 Certificate of Competency; or
  • is an R A N Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander ( Executive Branch) and above.

Associate Membership
A person may be admitted as an Associate Member if he or she is not otherwise eligible for Ordinary membership but wishes to be associated with the activities of the Company and is seen as having qualifications or expertise conducive to furthering the objectives of the Company.

Application for membership
An application for membership should be made on the application form (please download from the attached PDF file). This form accompanied by the nomination fee should be handed to a member of the nearest Branch Court. In the case of an application for Ordinary membership the Court member will need to see proof of your qualification as listed above and will endorse the application form accordingly.


see link:- Membership list April 2015