Newcastle Branch

Branch Court:
Branch Master: Capt. Iain Steverson 
email [email protected]
Deputy Branch Master: Capt Richard S Hall
Mariner Warden: Capt. John Mc Tavish
Immediate Past Branch Master: Capt. Richard Hall.
Hon Treasurer: Mr. John Connell
Hon Secretary: Capt Arie van-Andel.
Tel  02 4958 9259                  email   [email protected]
Hon Editor: Vacant
Sea going Warden: Capt. Anthony Walker
Hon Registrar: Mr. John Connell
Welfare officer: Capt Arie van-Andel

Postal Address
107, Fairfax Road, Warners Bay, NSW 2282

Monthly General Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month  ( except December & January) at 1200hrs for 1230hrs in the 'Butler Room' ' 'South Leagues Club, Merewether, Newcastle.
No formal bookings required and guests welcome. Further details from Capt Arie van Andel MM on 02 4958 9259

Newcastle Branch Members

C.H. Beazley
S. Clinton   J.P. Connell  C.J. Coy
G.Dodd   B.R. Druce
H.G.T. Ellis   J. Eddon
J.P.G. Gates   I.R. Gray 
R.S. Hall   A.N. Hamilton   G.Harvey   P.R. Hay  T.J. Hooper   M.D. Hughes
B.D. Lanham
I.M. Macleod   E.S. Manhood   J.L. Marshall   S.L. McCabe   J.A.S. McTavish   S.R. Monfries   P.F. Morris   N.W.K. Morrison   D.J. Murgatroyd
B.P. Quinlan   J.M. Quinlan
D.L.A. Ramsay
A.W. Slater   I.J. Snedden   I.R. Steverson
B.M. Thompson   T.J. Turner
A. Van Andel   L.F. Van De Nadort
A.L. Walker   B.J. Wallis   D.J. Wilson