Archived Articles

Title Created Date
HMAS Melbourne seizes $A706 million worth of drugs 12-02-14
AMSA visit to strengthen Indian Ocean search and rescue capability 02-07-15
Audit Report: Cosco Cooked Its Books 30-06-15
Russia Wants to Ban Foreign-Flagged Ships from Its Arctic 28-06-15
Watch Officer Competence Questioned 25-06-15
Australian shipbuilders can rule the waves 20-06-15
Battle of Jutland wreckage revealed by HMS Echo scans 20-06-15
Coastal trading in Australia: What has flag got to do with it ? 20-06-15
Sage Sagittarius: Senate inquiry to examine flag of convenience shipping after suspicious deaths 20-06-15
Carnival Seals Deal for World’s First LNG-Fuelled Cruise Ships 16-06-15
Minimum Manning and the Paperless Ship - InterManager 16-06-15
The sinking of Iron Knight 8 February 1943 15-06-15
Shipping companies and masters prosecuted for marine pollution 11-06-15
The worst case scenario 11-06-15
Deltamarin Unveils Next Generation Ro-Pax 06-06-15
Odyssey Marine Completes "Olympus" Project Operations in the North Atlantic 03-06-15
Piloting on the Yangtze River 03-06-15
Commonwealth launches court bid to recover costs from Shen Neng One 28-05-15
Grounding of Maersk Garonne, Fremantle, Western Australia on 28 February 2015 22-05-15
Study: Northern Sea Route to Overpower Suez Canal 20-05-15
68th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee 20-05-15
Jumbo Kinetic Raises the Bar 15-05-15
Costa Concordia Wreck Arrives in Genoa 13-05-15
How Long Does It Take to Transit Panama Canal? 08-05-15
Costa Concordia Ready for Last Journey 08-05-15
Kit to assist commercial vessel owners meet safety deadline 07-05-15
On the Front Line 06-05-15
Shipowners: IMO Should Not Jump the Gun on Ballast Water Convention 04-05-15