Archived Articles

Title Created Date
HMAS Melbourne seizes $A706 million worth of drugs 12-02-14
Fuel Saving Measures Can Negatively Affect Lashing Forces 18-03-15
Ship routeing measures to protect Coral Sea agreed 17-03-15
Cruise ship Britannia on maiden voyage 17-03-15
Low rates on the high seas 17-03-15
Japan's WW2 'Musashi battleship wreck found' 05-03-15
Image of the Day: Edith Maersk Freshened Up 03-03-15
The Importance of ECDIS Training and Familiarisation 03-03-15
Australian LNG in Back-Hauls to Europe 26-02-15
Learning to appreciate ships 19-02-15
Ship’s captain fined for breaching Reef navigation rules 19-02-15
Last WW1 Gallipoli ship HMS M33 crowdfunding appeal 17-02-15
Antarctic Chieftain reaches open water 14-02-15
Costa Concordia's Captain Schettino guilty of manslaughter 12-02-15
Boxships widened 12-02-15
Castorone Put to Work in Australia 10-02-15
Dig unearths Batavia mutiny skeleton 06-02-15
Australia Gives Philippines Two Landing Craft 03-02-15
AMSA bans vessel from Australian ports for 12 months 01-02-15
National Domestic Surveyor Accreditation Scheme now in place 29-01-15
AMSA leading program to strengthen S and R capabilities in Indian Ocean region 29-01-15
Stricken Solent ship: Hoegh Osaka docks in Southampton 23-01-15
Aussie Sailors rendezvous with the Royal Navy in the Middle East 23-01-15
Two ships collide in Irbe Strait 21-01-15
UK to Retain Ferry Safety Rules 20-01-15
US Coast Guard considering new rules for crimes on cruise ships 17-01-15
Safe ports in wild weather 14-01-15
New Innovative Cargo Ship Design Powered By Wind And Gas 07-01-15
Hoegh Osaka Grounding - UKMPA Press Statement 06-01-15