Archived Articles

Title Created Date
Aranui 5 arrives in home port of Papeete, Tahiti 23-11-15
EIA report highlights Australia’s LNG ambitions 23-11-15
British Forces go to assistance of stricken cruise liner in the Falklands 20-11-15
DDG-1000 Zumwalt gets ready for sea 15-11-15
Rethinking ship design 15-11-15
El Faro’s Missing Bridge Found 15-11-15
What happened to passenger hovercraft ? 14-11-15
MSC Flavia damaged by storm in Pacific Ocean 11-11-15
HMAS Sydney’s career highlights 08-11-15
More than 90 vessels laid up in North Sea 05-11-15
Cyberhawk completes world first ROAV internal tank inspection 05-11-15
US Navy Locates Wreckage Believed to Be El Faro 02-11-15
Looking to the heavens once more 30-10-15
Australia’s new icebreaker unveiled 29-10-15
Alcoa to replace Australian ship on the coastal trade 28-10-15
Bulk carrier Los Llanitos breaking up 27-10-15
US Navy Starts Search for El Faro Remains 21-10-15
ATSB: Inadequate maintenance caused collision 21-10-15
British-made hovercraft ride crest of a wave 03-10-15
The Increasing use of so-called Flag of Convenience shipping in Australia 30-09-15
Half of OSV Crews Would Rather Compromise Safety than Say ‘No’ to Clients 29-09-15
Lifeboat - Maxima-120 TELB – Built for the Future 22-09-15
Rena salvage bill second only to Costa Concordia 19-09-15
Fremantle - new mooring system secures ships 10-09-15
Time to Decide to LNG or Not to LNG 10-09-15
New laws to wipe out 93% of Australian coastal seafaring jobs 04-09-15
MOL Testing New Windshield on Its Boxship 04-09-15
Drones Becoming Ever More Popular in Shipbuilding 03-09-15
Obama vows to close 'icebreaker gap' with Russia 02-09-15
Recruiting 42,500 ships officers! NZ promoting maritime careers 02-09-15