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The Company is managed by a Federal Court comprised the Branch Masters of each of the Branches of the Company, who also constitute the Board of Directors of the Company namely:

  • Capt Kasper Kuiper, Branch Master Queensland
  • Capt Theodore van Bronswijk, Branch Master Sydney
  • Cmdr Stanley Graeme Furlonger RAN, Branch Master Melbourne
  • Capt Robert Westley, Branch Master South Australia
  • Capt Zubin Bhada, Branch Master Western Australia

FEDERAL MASTER: The Directors elected Capt Theodore van Bronswijk to be the Federal Master of the Company at the 2023 Federal AGM.

The Directors appointed the following members to manage the day-to-day operations of the Company:

  • Capt Francis Castellino (Melbourne), Federal Secretary
  • Capt William Burton (Queensland), Federal Treasurer
  • Capt Richard Whittington (Sydney), Federal Registrar

Other appointments to assist the Federal Court are:

  • Capt Michael Tyler (Queensland), Webmaster
  • Capt Iain Steverson (Sydney), Company Historian